The local press praised the performance of the Chilean singer-songwriter, who along with his great friends offered an evening full of excitement, romance and joy.

Soon, Alberto Plaza will perform at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, USA on October 28th, returning to Ecuador to give a concert on the 31st of that month in Macas.

Alberto Plaza at the Guayaquil Press: (Expreso Journal Photograph)

“Because of his years of career and greatest hits, Alberto Plaza was the most anticipated artist of the night, who went on stage at 23:00. He reached the audience with songs that made them sing out loud, and dance on their feet. The well-known artist stole the show when he shared the stage with his best friends”. (Extra)

“At 22:15 p.m., the Chilean singer-songwriter Alberto Plaza showed up on the stage, provoking the excitement of his fans, which were in a delirium when listening to his first songs”. (El Universo)

“At 23:00 the smiling singer-songwriter showed up on stage, who sang, at first, romantic songs. The couples in the audience hugged each other, and waved their hands from side to side following Plaza’s melodies. His songs made more than one person go crazy”. (El Expreso)

“In Pa’lante and Remedio Pa’l Corazon, he spent all his stamina, moving his hips; Alberto invited everyone to dance”. (El Expreso)

“Those who assisted to the Explanada because of Plaza felt that their waiting time was over. The Chilean took over the stage at eleven pm. Although Plaza is well-known by his ballads, he knows how to make people dance, that is why the songs “Pa ‘lante and Remedio Pa’l Corazon were present. (“Remedio Pa’l corazón” is the theme song that plays on the television promoting the Soccer World Cup South Africa 2010)” (El Telegrafo)

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