In commemoration of my mother’s 70th birthday, all the family gathered to celebrate in La Herradura, a town 450 km from Santiago, Chile.

 Look at the light coming out of my mother’s face…

My family: in the picture, my brothers, Javier, Rodrigo and Gonzalo (left to right). At the center is my mother, Maria Angelica. In the other photograph my father, Luis Alberto, who is no longer among us, he protects us from somewhere up there.

This moment I will keep it as one of my treasures.

I bless the seed that gave birth to my chant.

Which in a sperm river

Entered the gates of life

Carrying my voice on a Y

I bless the first trip

To the womb that took me in

and shaped me to come to this world.

I bless the arms that carried me

And gave me warmth and support

I bless the breasts that

because of feeding me, with dignity, abandoned

my vanities of youth.

I bless the hands that dried my tears

And washed my face.

I bless my Father and my Mother

And the shelter of love they built.

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