Since the very first moment when the Troubadour of Dreams stepped on Paisa’s land, it established a friendship spell, a silent pact of complicity and reciprocity … a spell of love at first sight, which is still alive and growing despite the distance. That’s why each new encounter is the food that feeds this feeling.

During his visit on April 22nd, Alberto Plaza was less than 18 hours in Medellin. Despite the limited time and accumulated fatigue after his presentations in several cities of Colombia, Alberto showed all his generosity. He, eagerly, went to a meeting with children from the Project DREAMS (Medellin-based project being developed with 20 poor children of the Moravia neighborhood). During 30 minutes, the little ones took him for walk around a gallery with the work they have done in over two years of activities aimed to promote the values of coexistence. This time helped to confirm all the commitment that the singer has to our goal of Changing the World.

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