Last night, the Grammy Museum, in Los Angeles, was packed to capacity. Minutes before of the most intimate concert of Alberto Plaza in the US, the organizers juggled to accommodate the public that was left out of the room.

Just after 2 am Plaza told “La Segunda” that he gathered with people from Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina; also with Chileans such as Beto Cuevas, and the producer Mauricio Guerrero, with whom he went out to dinner later to celebrate a great day. “It is an honor to have come this far. I am very happy with everything that happened last night”, he said. His day began at 4am, because he was invited to the Univision morning show, where he spent a couple of hours with Rey Rios, the Cuban guitarist that accompanies him these days. It was a special stop within his tour “Mas Cerca que Nunca” that led him to the North and South of Chile, and to the neighboring corners such as Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Lima, and Guayaquil.

Tonight he travels to Ecuador to finish the tour, and then to get into the studio in order to record the album which will celebrate his 25 years of musical career. “It has been a very intense but nice tour. Many airplanes and many hotel rooms, but we have had a blast, growing stronger in love every day. It’s not for a song anymore but for a piece of art, a love for music”. In the afternoon, he visited the Celebrity Center, the spectacular headquarter of Scientology in Hollywood. “It is a beauty”, he said delighted. (The full interview of Alberto Plaza to the newspaper La Segunda can be read on the following website:

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