Since its beginning the headquarters in Santiago has fought for a noble cause; to support the Corporación Movimiento Anónimo por la Vida (Anonymous Movement on behalf of Life Corporation).

With effort, love and dedication, this group of friends wanted to work to change the world for those young pregnant women in difficult situations or at risk of abortion and who have opted for life despite adversity. These partners have demonstrated their selflessness in collaborating with this corporation which works to make these girls and their babies achieve a better future.

The headquarters, led by its President Claudia Saez, meet quarterly at this home in order to support these young women and their babies with activities and the hope of “Changing the World”.

In September the headquarters I Will Change the World, in Santiago, celebrated with a folk dance, this patriotic celebration at the Casa de Acogida Movimiento Anonimo por la Vida (Anonymous Movement on behalf of Life Taking in House), a kind initiative that added another unforgettable day for members and this home.

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